Yachts for charter in Turkiye

A Turkish luxury yacht charter vacation offers an adventurous diverse cruising grounds to discover secret coves, picturesque villages, and an unsurpassed world of luxury. Whether you’re after a journey into historic sites, a spot of tranquility, a touch of water sports, or simply some shopping, Turkiye has something for everyone.

Turkish Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Located in the East Mediterranean, Turkiye is one of the best yachting holiday hot spots in the world. Renting a private crewed motor yacht or sailing boat in Turkiye is a fantastic way to experience the stunning Turkish coastline with all of its classical ruins, water sports, timeless cuisine, and secluded bays best experienced from the water. Turkiye is a diverse and dramatic country that embraces its east-meets-west origins, and features dazzling harbors alongside vibrant cities which can be combined to form the perfect yachting itineraries.

Types of Yachts Available for Charter in Turkiye

The most common type of local yachts available to rent in Turkiye are motor yachts or Gulets. These Turkish gulets are typically motor sailers. Due to their strong performance, stability, and large internal volume, these are great for leisure vessels. Along with modern innovation and the addition of luxury accommodation, luxury gulet charter yachts have become increasingly popular over recent years. Turkiye has also become a leading producer of modern superyachts, with Turquoise Yachts and Bilgin Yachts becoming the most established builders. Together with foreign flagged luxury yachts, the Turkish waters have become popular yachting destination and there is a good choice of luxury motor yachts and sail yachts available to rent in the area.

Luxury Yacht Charter Itineraries in Turkiye

When in Turkiye private luxury yacht charters normally begin in Istanbul on the Bosphorus, or start your adventure in Bodrum or one or more of the islands such as Gocek Island, Kekova or Kas.
You can ask our travel experts to visit many of the Turkish cities, and see ruins of this amazing civilization. Along the way you have your choice of inviting islands, quaint towns, and interesting ports.
For more information about chartering a private yacht in Turkiye, please contact our team of travel experts. They will be able to help you plan the perfect itinerary, combining your party’s needs with recommendations about the best time to visit each area.

Turkish Yacht Charter Itineraries

Don’t miss out on the most exquisite superyacht hotspots with our curated Turkish yacht charter itineraries.
The Turquoise Coast dazzles guests with it’s pine-blanketed bays, soaring ancient ruins, barely-frequented coves for claiming and ultra-luxe superyacht marinas catering to guests every possible whim without a moment’s hesitation.
Our itineraries crafted by yachting experts on the region ensure you experience the very best of what Turkiye has to offer.

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