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Why Turkey is an Ideal Destination for Health Tourism

One trend happening in the medical scene recently is the growth of medical or health tourism. Which simply put is the act of traveling to another country to use their medical care and other health services.

Türkiye for medical tourism

One of the top 17 popular countries for medical tourism today is Turkey. In 2018, 700,000 foreigners visited Turkey just to take advantage of their excellent medical treatment and care services.

Some of the reasons behind Turkiye’s popularity in medical tourism is the following:

  • The country has an affordable healthcare system
It has the highest number of US-accredited hospitals.
  • Most doctors, having trained in Europe and America, choose to practice in Türkiye.
  • If these aren’t enough reasons for you to consider Turkey for your medical tourism, here are some advantages you should consider:
    • Turkey is the central hub for the East and the West
    • Turkey is said to be the gateway between the east and west. Its location is easily accessible whichever continent or country you may be coming from.
    • Istanbul Airport, in Turkiye, is also considered as one of the world’s largest passenger airports which can accommodate up to by 200 million passengers each year and will have around 300 direct flights worldwide.

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Surgeries are cheaper in Turkiye. In general, surgeries in Turkiye can be up to 70 per cent cheaper. That says a lot about how affordable the medical offers are. Cosmetic surgery in Turkey is also 70 per cent cheaper than most of Europe. You get to save more without sacrificing the quality of the treatments you’re looking for.
Moreover, Turkish Airlines also offer a special discount for medical travelers. If you calculate the total expense of your surgery, your travel fee, and accommodation, the cost would still be cheaper compared to getting the same surgery in most western countries so why not have a holiday at the same time!

Turkiye is well-rounded when it comes to treatment offerings.
While some countries are popular for certain types of treatment, Turkiye is different. People around the world travel to Turkey for various reasons, such as hair transplants, cancer treatments, dental treatments, low-cost in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and more.

Quality hospitals and surgeons
The beauty of the medical industry in Turkiye is how the country’s government helps develop and upgrade its health sector, keeping it at the very top of the industry. The government follows a PPP model (private-public-partnership) to improve the country’s healthcare infrastructure, and the private hospitals also invest in improving their health facilities. As we mentioned earlier, in addition to the investment, internationally trained surgeons decide to stay and perform their profession in Turkey ensuring the level of care is always the best it can be.

Quick response

Because they know the value of medical tourism in their country, they give importance to their foreign patients too. You can get a procedure scheduled in as early as two weeks compared to waiting for almost 18 months for some procedures in in the UK and Europe.


If you need an option for your surgery or special treatment, do consider Turkiye. Besides the quality and the availability of affordable medical treatments, you get to experience the unique blend of Oriental, European, and Arab cultures in this beautiful country.

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The health tourism industry
Health or medical tourism is mostly considered by residents of lesser-developed countries where some medical treatments for specific conditions are not yet available.
They travel abroad to get the right treatment they need. However, the trend is shifting where more developed countries are seeking lower-cost but higher quality medical treatment with shorter lead times (or no waiting times in many cases).

Other reasons for this movement’s popularity are as follows:

  • More affordable treatment without sacrificing the quality of service.
  • No need to wait for a schedule for elective surgeries or procedures.
  • For people flying away from their country, taking the treatment away from their home means fewer questions to answer and fewer explanations to make to family and friends.

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