Helicopter Charter

We offer a wide range of modern helicopters for travel, business meetings, touring and sporting or social events.

Why not take a helicopter for a business meeting, to the races, to a motorsport or corporate event, a wedding or even on a sightseeing trip.

Specially arranged landing sites can often be organized close to your departure and destination. Helicopters offer simple boarding procedures and speedy straight-line flights. They can be used for single trips or on multiple flights for two or three meetings or events around the country.

Helicopter transfer services are available to and from most major airports in Europe and Turkey, so whether you’re flying on a private jet or commercial into Istanbul from Athens, Moscow , London, Paris, Dubai or Paris or Africa, we can pick you up and fly you on to your final destination.

Whatever your requirement, relax in the knowledge that there’s always one of our personal travel consultants on hand to help you plan every last detail.

We can also offer helicopter charter flights over Istanbul and helicopter hire for weddings, corporate events and sightseeing tours.

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