10 Best Malls in Istanbul to Visit

The fact that you can find a mall in almost every district amazes every onlooker. There is an incredible abundance of shopping and Istanbul is a paradise for people who enjoy malls.

Shopping is not the only activity you can do in a mall. Food courts, restaurants, architecture, environment, the crowds, kids entertainment and many other factors make them a popular destination.

10 Best Malls in Istanbul

1) Zorlu Center

With its architecture and location, Zorlu Center is one of the best malls in Istanbul. The mall is easy to access from any area on the European side of Istanbul. The food courts and restaurants are extremely great, and the mall incorporates the biggest cultural and art center in Istanbul, Zorlu PSM. On the other hand, the mall boats many luxury boutiques of looking for something extra luxurious.

2 – İstinye Park Mall

Along with the marketplace and various stores, İstinye Park is one of the traditional malls in Istanbul. Located in Sarıyer, the is also a mall frequented by students since it is close to some of the universities. Here you can find all the luxury international brand boutiques as well as local Turkish brands and not to forget the popular Zuma Resturant for a splendid fine dining experience or grab so take out at the popular Shake Shack.

3 – Galataport

The recent and most popular mall in Istanbul is definitely Galataport! Located in Karaköy, it is a real port. You may encounter big cruise ships as you are looking at the beautiful views there. Sometimes these cruise ships stop by just to visit the mall? The mall boats irreplaceable gourmet food restaurants, luxurious brands, and lovely cafes that can be found within the mall. However, do not forget some warm clothes if you are planning on visiting during Winter days! Since it is located right next to the sea and it is an outdoor mall, it is easy to get cold.

4 – City’s Nişantaşi Mall

The apple of Nişantaşı’s eye, City’s is one of the most popular malls in Istanbul. The mall introduced a concept a few years ago, called “neighborhood floor”. The floor includes lots of gourmet restaurants and food places. If you are into tasting different flavors like me, then City’s is the right place for you! The cinema saloons are also great. They have a huge cinema area. Another advantage is the mall is within walking distance from the the boutique filled streets of Nişantaşi and Osmanbey, and you can easily access it. While taking in the air of Nişantaşı, you can get things done in City’s.

5 – Emaar Square Mall

Just like Akasya Mall, Emaar Square is also located on the Asian side of Istanbul. The mall, which has both inside and outdoor areas, has been in demand for a long time with its architecture and stores. There are both luxury and affordable brands, suitable for people from all strata. At the same time, the mall includes the only aquarium and 4DX cinema of the Asian side. For tourists staying on the European you can make use of our driver services to get to the location and it is worth trying if you find the time.

6 – Akasya Mall

Being the biggest Mall on the Asian side, Akasya Mall includes almost every brand inside except for luxury boutiques. The location is in Acıbadem and it is pretty easy to access the mall. Just like Zorlu Center, Akasya AVM also has its own culture and arts center, which means you can enjoy your cup of coffee after watching your favorite theatre! During the Winter, they usually build up a retro fun fair inside the mall. If you are looking for something fun to do for the next two weeks, you might want to check the mall’s social media accounts from time to time!

7 – Kanyon Mall

When the mall first opened, it came in with a bang thanks to its outdoor concept. The name of the mall stems from “canyon”, and the shape of the building looks exactly like one. There are lots of plazas and workplaces next to the mall so you might encounter lots of people carrying coming from the office for lunch or to browse. The same vibe thus extends to Kanyon, where there are not lots of brands you can shop at, aside from the distinguished ones. However, the food courts, cafes, restaurants, and atmosphere are worth visiting!

8 – Vadistanbul AVM

Located right next to Galatasaray’s stadium, Vadistanbul is a neighbor of Sarıyer’s forest. Including an outdoor concert venue, various types of restaurants, and a big bowling saloon, Vadistanbul is the right place for you to fill your day with fun!

9 – Aqua Florya Mall

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Aqua Florya is one of the best malls due to its location right next to the sea and the aquarium inside of it. The brands are various and it has a big bowling alley on the top floor. Besides this, you can enjoy your food while looking at an amazing sea view.

10 – Venezia Mega Outlet Mall

The mall is different from other malls in Istanbul because of its concept. Venezia Mega Outlet is based on Venezia as can be understood from its name. The characteristic structure of the mall attracts exceptionally good attention. You can ride through the canals with gondolas and go boating.



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